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54554261In the East there are many beautiful and amazing cities, but Samarkand is truly considered a diamond of Central Asia. It is one of the oldest cities in the world, founded in 742 BC.

Throughout 2500 thousand years Samarkand attracted the views of travelers, merchants and conquerors. Writers and poets dedicated to the glorious city magnificent epithets - "Eden of the Ancient East", "The City of Allah", "The Pearl of the Eastern Muslim World", "The Face of the Earth" ...

The earliest mention of Samarkand, since ancient times known as Marakanda is found in the descriptions of the conquests of Alexander the Great (329 BC). Alexander himself spoke about Samarkand as follows: "Everything I heard about the beauties of Samarkand is all true, except that it is more beautiful than I could imagine."

In different periods the city was influenced by Persians, Seleucids, Chinese, Turks, Arabs and Mongols. In the XIV century, the city was the capital of the empire of the Great Timur and its dynasty. From every 24700299_Medrese_Ulugbeka в самарканде.jpgvictorious campaign to India, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Transcaucasia, Turkey, he brought to Samarkand the most skillful architects, jewelers and scientists. The rulers of the European states considered it an honor to visit Samarkand.

Under Ulugbek, Samarkand became one of the world's scientific centers. There was a whole scientific school, uniting eminent astronomers and mathematicians. In 1428, the construction of the Ulugbek Observatory was completed, the key instrument of which was a wall quadrant with a radius of 40 meters and a working part from 20 ° to 80 °, which was not equal in the world.

The history of the city is closely connected with the names of great poets, philosophers and scholars: Ibn Sina, Biruni, Rumi, Ali-Kushchi, Rudaki, Omar Khayyam, Jami, Navoi and Babur.

Over 2000 years Samarkand was the most important point on the Great Silk Road between China and Europe.

  • The city is located 275 km to the south-west from Tashkent - on the slopes of the Turkestan range.

    The climate of Samarkand is subtropical-intracontinental, with pronounced seasonality. Summer is hot and arid, in July the daytime temperature can exceed 40 ° C.

    Winter is cool, during the day the temperature does not drop below -1 ° C, thaws are frequent when the temperature rises from -5 ° C to +6 ° C and above.

    Note: If you are planning a trip to Samarkand in summer, be sure to take with a hat or an umbrella, sunglasses, light cotton clothing, and sunscreen. When leaving the hotel, do not forget to take water with you.

    Travel to Samarkand

  • Through Samarkand there are trains of national and international importance, an international airport operates (flights to Istanbul, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Simferopol, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Tashkent), buses, shuttles and taxi services. Since April 15, 2017, they launched a tramway. Along the route Tigers Alley - Bibi Khanum madrasah, 6 electric cars run.


  • In 2001, Samarkand was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

    Someone comes to Samarkand to pay tribute to the holy places of the Islamic world - to make Ziyarat (pilgrimage), someone to get acquainted with the ancient architecture and culture. Most of the architectural masterpieces of Samarkand are of the Timurid era and preserved to this day. The blue-beret glaze of mosaics and the unique architecture of Samarkand are known all over the world.

    Note: When visiting religious sites in Uzbekistan, it is advisable for women to cover up exposed parts of the body (shoulders, back and legs).

    Travel to Samarkand

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