Welcome to Uzbekistan – a place that is known for peace and serenity, to the nation, where antiquated history and present day culture mixed and minimalistically focused untouched compositional and social legacy of the peoples of Central Asia.

Antiquated and splendidly protected towns of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Shakhrisabz with several engineering landmarks of different ages are known far and wide and keep on fascinating visitors with its design and instinctive nature. Finish developments worked with the fine weaving like nature of human work in its most prominent and most breathtaking structure; each block is a bit of craftsmanship; every mosaic is a brush stroke, a line; and each minute here, a string in this weave. In general, it is stunning… If places blew a mind, individuals' glow has here influencing everyone to focus on his or her own resurrection and resurgence, similar to a legendary winged creature that changes itself to live with new abundance. No big surprise it is Uzbekistan's National image.


Uzbekistan is the feature in Central Asia and a perfect center to the Great Silk Road.

We welcome You to make a supernatural excursion in this astounding nation and be our Guest!


Tours in Samarkand

Throughout 2500 thousand years Samarkand attracted the views of travelers, merchants and conquerors. Writers and poets dedicated to the glorious city magnificent epithets - "Eden of the Ancient East", "The City of Allah", "The Pearl of the Eastern Muslim World", "The Face of the Earth" ...

Tours to Bukhara

Bukhara is one of the most ancient cities of Central Asia, which is a treasury of historical sights. Here, every building, street and brick breathes history, and time seemed to stop ...
Here you manage to forget about the bustle of the metropolis, plunge into the history and enjoy the views of the centuries-old monuments of architecture. 

Tours to Khiva

Khiva is place where everything seems not quite familiar - a kitchen, people, speech, even architecture. Almost everything is preserved in its original form. The streets are paved with stone. Like chess pieces, minarets, domes of madrassas and mosques can be seen from everywhere. Even modern buildings are decorated for antiquity.