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Mountain and recrational areas

Charvak Oromgohi Health Center (Pyramids)

Charvak Oromgohi Health Center (Pyramids) is located in the Chimgan-Charvak resort and recreation zone (80 km from Tashkent) on the shore of the Charvak reservoir, surrounded by a chain of high mountains and hills.

Avenue Park

The entertainment complex "Avenue Park" is a great place for a holiday both for two people and for the family, as well as for a noisy youth company. Located on the shore of the Charvak reservoir, Avenue Park literally beckons with its hospitality and comfort.

Krokus Park

The mountain resort is located 100 km from Tashkent, in the Chimgan-Charvak resort area, on the left bank of the Charvak reservoir.

Here you will get everything you need to get distracted and relax from the city bustle, stuffiness and noise, enjoy fresh air, singing birds, peace and quiet.

Charos DeLuxe Resort

Charos DeLuxe Resort - a modern hotel and entertainment complex for recreation and entertainment of residents of Uzbekistan and guests of our country with an invariably high level of service and developed infrastructure.

Sky Village

The complex is located in one of the wonderful natural landscapes, at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level. Near the resort is a well-known ski slope and cable-chairlift. On the territory of the resort there are five comfortable cottages, each of which consists of two rooms: a bedroom and a living room with a fireplace, a san-node, an entrance hall and a summer terrace.