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Night Life

CMI afterparty bar

Youth mix of simple, but tasty food, a huge bar with a solid assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic liquids and dance parties on weekends. Pre & After Party place on weekends. Regular customers are given discount cards.

Monroe Night & Karaoke Club

Karaoke Club Monroe has a chamber atmosphere, professional sound and dishes from the chef of European cuisine. Thematic parties, club days, banquets, birthdays, corporate parties, anniversaries, stag parties, girls' parties and weddings are held.

GQ Restaurant & Bar

GQ Restaurant & Bar - New trendy interesting drinking place.


Crystal - stylish, trendy, modern Lounge-Bar in Tashkent. Bright parties, cool companies every evening.

Like bar

There are bars where we go once and for a short while, and there are those that become our second home. Like bar is something that we genuinely like ourselves. Like bar - a place of special impressions!