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Unforgettable travel to Khiva
The journey to Khiva, the world's heritage in Great Silk Road

Khiva's age totals 2500 years. During its history, the city survived the Achaemenid, Arab, Mongolian conquests and periods of prosperity, when the borders of ancient Khorezm reached the Colchis. Not just Khorezm and Amir Timur were given. Only during the fifth campaign Khorezm yielded to him.

The legend of Khiva says that the city originated around the well "Kheiwak", which was famous for its amazing water. The well was dug by the order of Noah’s eldest son (biblical character). This well is still preserved in the territory of the fortress of Ichan-Kala.
Here everything seems not quite familiar - a kitchen, people, speech, even architecture. Almost everything is preserved in its original form. The streets are paved with stone. Like chess pieces, minarets, domes of madrassas and mosques can be seen from everywhere. Even modern buildings are decorated for antiquity.

  • The city is located in the Khorezm region south-west of the city of Urgench near the border of Turkmenistan.

    In Khiva, the summer is very hot and dry with an average temperature of + 35 ... + 37 ° С. In winter, the temperature drops to +4 ... + 1 ° C.


  • Khiva is like a huge open-air museum, and its heart is the fortress of Ichan-Kala. The most of the sights are located exactly here. The walls of Ichan-Kala were built in the 5th-6th century.

    • Ak-Mosque
    • Ata-Darvaza20120830123422_big
    • Bastion of Akshiy Bobo
    • Gate of Bagcha Darvaza
    • Gate of Palvan Darvaza
    • Gate of Tash Darvaza
    • The harem of Tash-Hauli palace
    • Nurullabay Palace
    • Caravanserai and Tim Alla Kuli Khan
    • The Well Kheivak
    • Fortress Kunya Ark
    • Mausoleum of Pakhlavan Mahmud
    • Mausoleum of Seyyid Alauddin
    • Mausoleum Ouch Ovliya Bobo
    • Mausoleum of Yunus-khan
    • Khojamberdibiy Madrasah
    • Madrassah of Abdullahan
    • Madrasah of Abdurasulbai
    • Madrasah Alla-Kuli-khan54682297_3
    • Amir-Tura Madrasah
    • Madrasah Arab Muhammad Khan
    • Madrassah Atazanbai
    • Madrasah Dost Alyam
    • Madrassah and the minaret of Bikanjan-Bika
    • The Minaret of Islam-Khoja
    • The madrasah and the minaret of Islam-Khoja
    • Madrasah and minaret Muhammad Amin-khan
    • Madrassah and minaret of Palvan Kari
    • Madrasah and minaret Seyid Niyaz Shalykarbai
    • Kazi Kalyan Madrasah
    • Madrassah of Kutlug Murad inaka
    • Madrasah of Mazari Sharif
    • Madrassah Matniyaz Diwanbegi
    • Madrassah Matpanabay54682302_3
    • Musa Tura Madrasah
    • Madrasah Muhammad Amin inaka
    • Madrasah of Muhammad Rahim-khan
    • Madrasah Muhammad Rasul Mirzabashi
    • Talib Madhdum Madrasah
    • Madrasah Khoja Murad (Khoja Marama)
    • Madrasah Sha-Kalandar-Bobo
    • Madrasah of Shirgazihan Yusuf Yasulbashi
    • Madrasah Yakubbay Khodja
    • Madrasah The Bagbanli
    • Mosque and the minaret of Juma
    • Mosque Hassan Murad and Kushbegi Tura
    • Mosque of Yar Muhammad Devon (Saidat)
    • Minaret of Calta Minor
    • Walls of Ichan-Kala
    • Trade House and Palwan-kari Pavilion

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